About Us

Our Mission

The Wickenburg 100 Club’s mission is to support and offer financial assistance the first responders of Wickenburg who are injured or killed while in line of duty, serving and protecting both the lives and property of our community.

Board Members
Chief Ed Temerowski (left) and Chief Les Brown (right)

Our Board of Directors


Ed Temerowski President
Kenny Meyer Secretary
Tony Christofferson Treasurer

Members at Large

Les Brown
Jeanie Hankins
Amy Sloane
Dawn Meyer

Our History

The Wickenburg 100 Club, Inc. was founded in 2005 by Robert & Victoria Nash after their home had caught fire and sustained damage. They were grateful to the Wickenburg Fire Department who not only limited the damage to the residence but also took the steps to help protect their furniture and belongings. To show their appreciation, Robert & Victoria searched for a way to support the men and women who protect and serve the Wickenburg community.